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We offer practical and quality training courses in well-being massages, all year long on the French Riviera:
- Relaxing oil massage (inspired by siam oil massage and hawaiian lomi-lomi),
- Deep-tissue (sport massage),
- Hot stones,
- Nuad bo'rarn (traditional thai massage on a floor mat - yoga massage),
- Foot reflexology,
- Face and scalp relaxation,
- Anatomy (with an osteopath),
- Aromatherapy,
- Expanding its business.

The workshops emphasize practical hands on learning sessions in small groups.
You see a demonstration of the technique and then apply it in practice with the teacher's guidance.
A teaching aid and all necessary equipments are provided to each participant.

These workshops don't require any specific knowledge or ability.

Upon completion of each workshop, all participants receive a certificate.

The class rooms are located in the Var or in the Alpes-Maritimes.

On request, we can also arrange workshops or private courses in a wide range of locales in France and abroad : your home, hotel, spa,...

Details for training courses, planning, prices and registration form: 2017 Program.

Tailored made workshops sessions (3 hours): Tailored made workshops.

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These workshops follows the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Reiki (pronounced ray – key) is a form of healing in which universal or spiritual energy is passed from healer to patient through the healers's hands.
This is an ancient eastern technique, thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice thousands of years ago.
Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy in Japanese… a vital force which permeates all living things.
The Reiki healer acts as a channel of energy, gently and passively placing his hands in different positions over or on the patient's body from the head to the toes.
This deeply warming relaxation enables energy blockages within the patient's body to be released, and restart his own self-healing powers.
Reiki, both powerful and gentle, treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It balances, harmonizes and restores the different energy systems.

Reiki is a safe, simple, natural and easy-to-learn healing technique.

The ability to practice Reiki is passed on from a teacher who is a Reiki Master through a series of attunements (energetic transfers).

Once a student has been attuned to connect to and to receive Reiki, he has it for life.

After level 1 you will be able to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment.

Reiki Level 1 covers (in 1 day, 8 hours):
- The history of Reiki, its uses and its benefits.
- The Reiki principles.
- The 4 attunements necessary to connect to the Reiki energy.
- The way to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment.

The level 2 increases your healing abilities by offering a more comprehensive use of Reiki to further the mental, emotional and spiritual healing processes.

Reiki level 2 covers (in 2 days, 16 hours):
- The review of Reiki Level 1.
- The Level II attunement.
- The teaching of the 3 Reiki symbols.
- The use of these symbols for distant healing techniques, for emotional/mental healing, for treatments to yourself and others, for the healing of specific problems or habits.

Reiki level 2 workshop can be taken 21 days (cleansing period) after Reiki Level 1, but some may feel they need more time between Level 1 and Level 2.

These workshops do not require any specific knowledge or ability.

Next Reiki level 1 (Callian, Var) :  photo Reiki 1.
September 16 2017.

Next Reiki level 2 (Callian, Var) : photo Reiki 2.
October 14-15 2017.

Limited number of students. We invite you to contact us for any further information.



The different workshops proposed here should be considered as complementary to existing medical treatments or other therapies, not as a replacement.

If in doubt about any side effects from these techniques, please in all cases consult your doctor.

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Formations Durées Tariffs
Relaxing oil massage 4 days
32 hours
Deep tissue massage 4 days
32 hours
Hot stone 1 day
8 hours
Thai traditional massage (nuad bo'rarn) 4 days
32 hours
Thai reflexology 4 days
32 hours
Face and scalp relaxation 2 days
16 hours
Anatomy 4 days
32 hours
Aromatherapy 2 days
16 hours
Expanding its business 4 days
32 hours
Reiki level 1 1 day
8 hours
Reiki level 2 2 days
16 hours

The rates are listed in Euros (net prices)

These prices are per person, based on a group session of 2 to 8, with a minimum commitment of 1 to 6 days of training.

A workshop day start at 9:15 am and finish at 5:45 pm.

Drinks and snacks are included in the prices (not the meals).

Other workshops planning and locations are available on request (for a minimum of 4 participants).

Private courses (2 to 4 persons) are also offered, based on a 3 hours tailored made workshop session.

Training vouchers are available.

Please contact us for any further details.

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